We carry a wide range of cupcakes to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular flavors are shown below. Please call or email for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. 

Cocktail cupcakes are made to order with fresh ingredients within 24 hours of your event. Because we bake without preservatives, we suggest enjoying your cupcakes the day of delivery, however if you need to store them, it is best to keep them at room temperature.

Prices: Full Size Dozen $27.00  |  Full Size 1/2 Dozen $13.50
Mini Dozen $15.00 (Mini minimum order is 2 dozen)

We also offer non-alcoholic cupcakes in all cocktail flavors.

For a small fee, a personal sitting for tasting can be arranged before you place your order.
Kahlua Cupcake
A delicious golden cake made with Kahlua and vodka, covered with a whiskey and Bailey's Irish buttercream frosting.
Margarita Cupcake
A white lime cupcake with tequila, Grand Marnier and margarita mix in the cake. Frosted with a lime buttercream with lime zest garnished with a sprinkle of sugar.
Strawberry Daiquiri
Golden cupcake made with rum. Fresh strawberries fill the center with strawberry daiquiri buttercream and finished with a fresh strawberry slice and drink umbrella.
Pina Colada
Pineapple and coconut cupcake made with coconut liquor and rum. Delicious coconut buttercream covered in shaved coconut flakes.
Orange cake with orange zest and vodka topped with white vodka buttercream and a Mandarin orange slice.
Irish Car Bomb
A rich Guinness chocolate cupcake, covered with a whiskey and Bailey’s Irish cream buttercream frosting.
Harvey Wallbanger
Made with Galliano liquor; this tender yellow cupcake with light fluffy Galliano buttercream frosting is topped with orange zest.
Lemon Drop Martini
A refreshing lemon cake with vodka and Galliano liquor topped with a light lemon buttercream and lemon zest.
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